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Telling a Story with the Freedmen’s Bureau - Reverend Dr. Cecil L. Murray

Reverend Dr. Cecil L. Murray describes how to use the Freedmen’s Bureau records to tell the story of African-American heritage. Honor Juneteenth by exploring the Freedmen’s Bureau further.

The Importance of Freedmen’s Bureau Records - Dean Helen Easterling Williams

Dean Helen Easterling Williams discusses the importance of the Freemen’s Bureau records in obtaining information regarding African-American genealogy. This Juneteenth, explore the Freedmen’s Bureau to learn more about your family history.

Use Freedmen’s Bureau Records to Demystify your Family History - George O. Davis

George O. Davis shares how the Freedmen’s Bureau records can shed insights on your family’s past and demystify your own family’s history. Explore the collection of records to learn more today.

Enrich Your Family History with Information from the Freedmen’s Bureau - Ambassador Diane Watson

Ambassador Diane Watson talks about how to enrich your family history with information contained in the Freedmen’s Bureau records. Learn more about African-American genealogy to expand your family tree today.

Discover the Historical Significance of the Freedmen’s Bureau Records - Paul Cobb

Paul Cobb emphasizes the historical significance of the Freedmen’s Bureau records to the African-American genealogy experience. Learn more about this treasure trove of information.

Uncover Information about your African-American Heritage with the Freedmen’s Bureau - Judy Matthews

Judy Matthews emphasizes the value the Freedmen’s Bureau records have in uncovering previously unknown information about African-American heritage. Uncover information about your family history today.

Research the Records of African-American Ancestors with the Freedmen’s Bureau - Kimberly Freeman

Kimberly Freeman discusses the value of using the Freedmen’s Bureau records to discover information about African-American ancestors. Expand your family tree with information from the Freedmen’s Bureau.

Discover Stories from Your Ancestry with Insights from the Freedmen’s Bureau - John Huffman

John Huffman shares the significance of discovering stories of your ancestry using the Freedmen’s Bureau records. Add your stories to the Freedmen’s Bureau Project today.

Discover Your Roots Using the Freedmen's Bureau Records

Genealogists, researchers, archivists, authors, bloggers, educators, and faith leaders discuss the Freedmen's Bureau and the need for volunteers to make the records of nearly 4 million emancipated African Americans freely searchable online.